Fiona Dale

About me

My name is Fiona Dale and I am currently working in the Fröbel Kindergarten as the ´native English teacher´.

I am married and have two children who attend the Fröbel Kindergarten and I have lived here in Germany since 2008.

My Career Path

  • Studied to become an Early Years Teacher at the University of Cambridge and qualified in 2004.
  • Employed as a Primary School Teacher in a town near Cambridge for almost three years before deciding to move to Munich with my husband.
  • Employed as Classroom leader in an international school in Grünwald for 5 years before the birth of my son.
  • Employed part-time at the Fröbel Kindergarten as the ´native English speaker´ since 2016.

My role at the Kindergarten

My role is to engage with the children through music, art activities and games to provide a positive first encounter with a second language in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Once a week I lead the ´Morning Circle´ with both Kindergarten groups together and we always begin by singing the ´Good Morning song´and end with the ´Goodbye song´. We sing songs and play games about colours, numbers and variety of seasonal topics often with the use of props as visual prompts.

Within the classroom I play games, build models, paint and read stories with the children and of course all in English!

The children are often keen to interact with me and are curious to learn new words and to find out more about the language. It is really quite incredible to see how quickly they learn to interpret and follow directions and how at ease they are with listening to a new language and trying out words for themselves!